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Andrew Petkovic

Hello! I am Andrew and I am a temporary intern here in the Irwin lab.

Leonard Ma

Farhan Perwad

Farhan is a 3rd year undergraduate chemistry major at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. He is an intern for Dr. Irwin's lab and is helping maintain the Irwin Lab website and tend to other various needs.

Abhinav Kommula

Munkhzul Khurelbaatar

She is working as a software engineer and developing Cartblanche molecule shopping application. She has a bachelor degree in Computer Science. 

Jennifer Young

Jennifer has a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Santa Clara University.  She is working as an applications programmer in the Irwin Lab while pursuing her Master's in Software Engineering part-time from Santa Clara University.

Supritha Amudhu

Supritha Amudhu was a Software Engineering Intern in the Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry (Dr. John Irwin's lab) at University of California, San Francisco. She worked full-stack with creating TLDR (previously known as Tools18).

Jizhou Yang

He is now a graduate student in San Francisco State University.

Enkhjargal Algaa

Former Scientific Programmer

Benjamin Wong

I am the Systems and Infrastructure Administrator of the Irwin Lab and Keiser Lab.  I have a Red Hat certificate in Systems Administration and my main interests lie in hoarding data with ZFS, dreaming of LTO-8 Ultriums, and backing up via Backblaze B2. 

Chinzorig Dandarchuluun

I work as a Scientific Software Engineer in Irwin Lab and responsible for developing and maintaining current ZINC15 interface and other new systems. For the educational background, I completed both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in Computer Science. 

Teague Sterling

He is now working at BioMarin Pharmaceuticals Inc., San Rafael. Teague was the author of the ZINC 12 and ZINC 15 interfaces, as well as many other tools and databases in the lab. 

Therese Demers

Now a software engineer at Hitachi Corp, Santa Clara, CA.

Cassidy Kelly

Went on to work at IBM Almaden Research, currently involved in a startup in stealth mode.

Gurgen Tumanian

Currently at Flurry, a mobile analytics company in San Francisco.

Pierce Ogden

Now a graduate student at Harvard University.